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Early iron Madu
Fighting shield
Fakir's horns

Early iron Madu Indian Mughal Mogul Fighting shield Fakir's horns www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good Indian fighting shield, Madu.

These early fighting horns with a buckler face or Madu as the form is typically named, measure 46cms across the tips.
The iron buckler front is 16cms across.
The domed iron buckler face is decorated in bronze edging, four raised domes, a raised moon and two other moon motifs, one now lost.
The antelope horns which act as the handle are capped in 12cms long iron spikes with the bases bound in iron. To the base of one horn is attached a group of small bronze bells.
Age wear and use has seen the loss of one iron nail or pin to the front which would secure the buckler front where wire now sits. To the rear one pin has been replaced by an old screw.

A good early set of fighting horns with a buckler front that will grade up very well with little effort.