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Stunning slender bladed 19th century Kothimora

Stunning slender bladed 19th century Kothimora www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A stunning 19th century fighting Kukri in Kothimora dress.
This wonderful Kukri show distinct Chinese influnece in some of the design found in the silver work and also displays a finely detailed dragon in and "endless knot". The pierced silver fittings are thick and very sturdy.
The original flint pouch and one of the original smaller knives still remain with this Kukri.
A high end status piece in its day, it may have originally had a longer Lambendh style handle.
Overall out of the scabbard, in a straight line, from tip to tip this piece measures just under 44cms with a blade just under 35cms. The decorated blade shows "eyelash" markings to one side of the blade and has decorative fullering to both sides across the top of the blade.
The blade shows very clear pattern welding and displays in Nepalese script "63" to the spine.
A very fine and rare style Kukri.