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A rare Indian sword
An early Kirach
Khanda type bracing

A rare Indian sword An early Kirach Khanda type bracing www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A rare Indian fighting sword.

tjis Kirach is most unusual in that it carries the upper and lower bracing typically seen on Khanda. The length is 73cms sheathed and 68cms out with a blade length just under 56cms.
The hilt is of symmetrical form, has forward pointing quillons, silver Koftgari decoration and remains in excellent condition throughout.
The blade is of a thin supple type, hollow forged the entire length and has cleat pronounced beveled cutting edges top and bottom. The supple blade is supported by Khanda type bracing which is not typically seen on swords of this type but when considering the blade type and that manufacture is similar to that seen on older Hindu Khanda, the design and type may lace this sword as an earlier relative of the Khanda.
The blade does show a contrasting wootz pattern throughout which would benefit from a clean and polish is desired.
The scabbard is present and has its share of age related wear and tear but remains solid.

A rarer and unusual variant of an already rare type of Indian fighting sword.