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A good French sword
Model 1831 Infantry sidearm
TALABOT of Paris

A good French sword glaive Model 1831 Infantry sidearm TALABOT of Paris www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A French model 1831 sidearm.

This standard model 1831 Glaive or better known as the cabbage cutter measures just over 63cms long and has a blade length just over 48cms long.
The solid brass hilt and integral guard appear to be over stamped on the quliion block with the numbers 1165.
The blade os of a standard pattern. It has a triangular forte and a strong medial ridge to each side.
The blade is marked Talabot of Paris and bears what appears to be a inspection mark above the Talabot stamp.

A good example of the type with by a Paris maker.