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A rare African sword
Guduf people
North Cameroon
Mandara Mountains region

A rare African sword Guduf people of North Cameroon Mandara Mountains region www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine complete sword from the Mandara mountains.

This rare African sword measures 66cms long in its scabbard and just under 66cms long out. The blade length of the sword is just under 54cms long.
The hilt and guard are horn or timber covered in dyed leather with an exposed metal butt plate.
The blade narrows at approx 4cms from the base and broadens throughout its length only to narrow again towards the tip. One side of the blade shows a raised medial ridge and very shallow hand forged fullers whilst the other side is of a raised half oval cross section with two deep grooves running through most of its length. Along the length of these deep grooves are found six rows of half moon stamps.
The scabbard is leather clad timber. It is of the same dyed leather seen on the hilt and guard. The reverse side is plain and stitched with the front consisting of four decorated panels. Each panel contains it own unique tooling and the scabbard ends is a broadening cylindrical tip.

A rare African sword from the Northern Cameroon regions of the Mandara mountains.