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Spanish Navaja
A very fine example

Spanish Navaja A very fine example Seville Albacete gaucho www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


An exceptionally well crafted Navaja.

Open this knife measures 38cms long. Closed it is 21cms.
The blade length when open is 17.5cms long.
The handle is constructed from a dark bull horn with blonde highlights. It has been highly polished.
Incised in to the horn are various twisted wires, decorative panels and strapping. Each end in enclosed in tapering brass caps with the blade end dressed in a manner that could be used as a pipe tamper, an aspects that is seen on several Albacete types.
The blade is extensively decorated and has a pinned brass bolster at its base. One side is incised and retains partial red lacquer. The back spring is tight and decorated for its entire length.

A high quality example.