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A very fine and rare sword
Palembang Parang
Southern Sumatra
horn hilt, gilt collar

A very fine and rare sword Palembang Parang Betino Southern Sumatra www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very rare Sumatran sword from Palembang.

This very rare sword measures just under 70cms long.
Its blade length is 53.5cms long.
The thick carved horn hilt is in excellent condition with only a very minor crack to the top, behind the collar.
The collar tapers towards the blade and is if of a gilt metal, likely silver.
The strong blade is of a very unusual and perhaps unique shape and construction.
From the collar it extends in an "I" beam fashion with raised medial ridges to the top and bottom. The bottom section of the "I" beam is then forged in to the strong beveled cutting edge, a cutting edge that runs around the wide tip and back along the top of the raised yelman. The top of the "I" beam narrows through to the raised yelman.
The faces of the blade are hollow forged and as seen in the photographs provided, the last 25cms of the blade has been heat quenched.
Both the design principles and the heat treating have made this blade extremely robust with very little flex.

A outstanding and rare sword from Southern Sumatra.