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Pesh Kabz
Central Asian or
Northern India

Pesh Kabz Central Asian Northern Indian dagger www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good Pesh Kabz or North Indian or Central Asian origins, early 20th century.

This unusual Utility or fighting knife measures 32cms long in its sheath.
Out it measures just over 30cms long.
The dagger or knife has a sharp forward curving blade with a re-curved tip. It has distal taper from the spine to the cutting edge and a full tip.
It is a full tang construction with ribbed timber grip slabs riveted through the tang.
The sheath is a thick and stiff leather type with the edges stitch with heavy flaxen cord. It retains a small leather suspension loop to the top of the sheath.

An unusual example likely dating from the first quarter ot the 20th centry.