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A rare Chinese sword
Spear made into a Jian
Ex Musuem

A rare Chinese sword Spear glaive polearm halberd made into a Jian Ex Musuem www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very rare and unusual find

This Jian is a most interesting and near complete find.
The Jian is actually a very rare long narrow spear or halberd head with the grip being the flared socket that is finished with a thick bronze collar. Its forward curving guard is two shaped sections forged together in to thick functional quillons. It is possible that this guard may be original to the halberd head but it is not something typically known.
The Jian measures 85cms long out of the scabbard. The blade length is just under 65cms long.
the blade is single edged and double edges for the top 17cms. For the most part, the blade is 10mm thick along the spine with the forte being 13mm.
The Jian is surprisingly well balanced in the hand and is a very functional fighting sword with good balanced weight.
The scabbard appear to have custom made timbers that are bound in unusual sabre like mounted embossed in lucky coin motifs. The drag is no longer present.
There are old museum or collection numbers seen on the blade, hilt and both scabbard timbers with the sword being noted as the "A" part and the scabbard as the "B" part.
A small disk is also attached to the suspension mounts with collection text written to both sides.

A fine and near complete Jian of very rare form that offers further insight in to the arms and armour of 19th century China.