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Antique sword, Kachin Dha, North Burma

Antique sword, Kachin Dha, North Burma www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A nice complete Antique Kachin Dha from the Northern Burma regions.
A nice old fighting sword that measures 81cms in its scabbard and 80cms out with a 57cm blade.
The Hilt is brass sheet and wire over bamboo.
the Dha remains in good complete original condition with a nice forged blade, thick at the forte with distal taper to the tip and cutting edge that shows a very clear inserted edge and laminations throughout.
The bamboo scabbard is rattan bound and comes with its original shoulder strap being a straw like material, rolled in cloth and bound with the green outer cloth seen in the images. This is then secured to the scabbard with old cotton cord.
A nice complete sword.