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Chinese sabre
Rare old sword form
First Opium war

Antique Chinese sabre dao Rare old form Provenance First Opium war www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


An early 19th century sabre of rare form and provenance.

This Chinese sabre measures 86cms long in its scabbard.
Out of its scabbard it measures just under 83cms long with a blade length of 66cms.
The hilt is string bound with a red lacquer covering. It is capped with simple metal fittings and a simple iron cup guard.
The blade is of a very rare form. It is 4.5cms wide at the guard and both curves and tapers forward to 3.5cms wide just short of the raised yelman. At this point the blades tip sweeps upwards with the raised back edge following in an upswept manner.
The scabbard is red lacquer bound timber with simple metal suspension fittings.
To one side of the scabbard remains a pasted paper collection tag dated 1849 which indicates this sword was taken from a Chinese soldier during the previous war, indicating to the first Opium war and the boat the new owner was attached to.

A near complete Chinese sword of rare form and an even rarer provenance.