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A rare Indian sabre
Deccan, South India
Palmette quillons
Wootz blade
Wootz and gold fittings

A rare Indian sabre Deccan South India Lahore North India Palmette quillons Wootz blade Wootz and gold fittings www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very good Indian Shamshir with a rare hilt type.

This sword measures just under 93cms long in its original scabbard.
Out of the scabbard it measures 88.5cms long and carries a 77cm long blade.
The hilt is of a type known but rarely seen. its construction is likely wootz as is correct for the type of hilt that shows gilded edges and bare steel. It's quillons are of a rare palmette type but with the rarer pierced design.
For similar example see "Arts of the Muslim Knight", pages 89, 92, 92 & 93.
The blade is a broad fighting type. It is 3.5cms across at the forte and narrows very little before ending in the hatchet tip.
It surfaces display a clear contrasting wootz pattern throughout.
The scabbard is worn with age but is its original scabbard, an aspect that is becoming harder to find and is more desirable than being without or having a reproduction made. It retains one of its suspension looks and its detailed drag to the base. These fittings are ensuite with the hilt and a dark wootz pattern can be seen on their surfaces.

A fine and rare, complete sword from the Deccan region of Southern India.