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A Fine Fighting sword
Burma, mid 19th cent
Very fine silver inlayed blade

A Fine Fighting sword Dha Dah Burma mid 19th cent Very fine silver inlayed bladed www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine fighting sword from Burma

This example of a Burmese Dha or Dah measures 82cms long in its scabbard. Out of the scabbard it measures just under 79cms long and carries a 59cms blade.
The hilt is a solid timber core dressed in silver fittings, now tarnished with age and a central grip area of very fine and well selected piece of ray skin.
The fine and heavy blade is of a fighting type typically noted as belonging to a person of status due to the large amount of thick and intricate silverwork. Both faces are decorated with a flowing vine motif, whilst the flat of the spine at the forte and the beveled edged of the remainder on the spine are decorated in a different geometric pattern.
The blade remains sharp and has clean edges and broadens through the belly of the blade.
The scabbard is of a teak type timber with only a single plain silver fitting now remaining at the throat.

A fine fighting sword of very high quality. With most trade embargoes with Burma, now lifted, a very sound investment for the future as Burmese people start to reclaim their cultural heritage.