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French Bayonet
Model 1876 Gras
Triangular blade

French Bayonet Model 1876 Gras Triangular blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good model 1876 Gras Bayonet.

Of standard military form and very well marked with armoury and inspection marks, this example measures 66cms long in its metal sheath.
Out it measures just over 64cms long with a blade length of 52cms.
The hilt is in good active order with the spring clip working. The blades spine is stamped and the hook quillon is very well marked with military armoury and inspection stamps.
The blade is stamped to the right face with inspection stamps and the spine is signed with th arsenal signatures and dated 1875.
The all steel scabbard is heavily pitted throughout but has been preserved correctly and is free from active rust.

A good well marked example of the type.