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A rare Borneo sword
An Iban Parang
Head hunter sword
A high quality blade

A rare Borneo sword Mandau An Iban Parang Head hunter sword langgai tinggang A high quality blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A rare high quality head taking sword from the Iban regions of Borneo.

This Parang measures 78cms long in its scabbard.
Out it measures just over 70cms long with a blade length of 57cms.
The hilt is well carved and remains in fine condition throughout but has since lost its rattan or or wire binding at the hilt and the tuft of hair that would have once protruded from the pommel.
The blade is of an exceptional type. It has a very finely carved and chiseled forte, a broad belly and an upswept tip and beveled back edge. The faces of the blade show a single carved fuller towards the tip and rectangular brass inlay and carved designs to both sides.
The spine is also inlayed with brass rectangular panels along its entire length.
The scabbard is of two carved sections of timber with the front section displaying native designs to the throat area and the base. It is bound in rattan to the top with losses of rattan to the remainder of the scabbard. Bound to the back and the base is a woven cloth baldric now stained throughout through age and use.

A rare example of a high quality head taking sword.