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A fine Italian dagger
Genoese knife
Parquetry hilt
French Corsican market

A fine Italian French Corsica dagger Genoese knife Parquetry hilt punal couteau epee www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine Genoese dagger.

This very well made little dagger remains in excellent and complete condition throughout.
It measures 25cms long in its sheath and just over 24cms out.
Its blade length is 15cms including the faceted circular bolster.
The hilts is an exceptional example. At either end it is capped with tapering white metal mounts. These mounts encase a tapering hilt of diamond cross section. To each corner edge is a spiral cut white metal rod recessed in to the timber grip. Between each of these spiral cut rods are expertly crafted Parquetry panels.
The Parquetry panels consist of dark timber like material to the edges with mother of pearl and tortoise shell.
The blade is a strong well crafted type with beveled cutting edges to the top and bottom of the blade and it retains its full needle point.
The surfaces of the blade show a 19th century acid etched design in floral motifs but is lacking polish.
The sheath is also capped on each end with white metal panels either end of brown leather sheath, a colour which perfectly complements the tortoise shell Parquetry perfectly.

A very good and rare little dagger that would grade up further with little effort.