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Ex Museum Moro Kris, original untouched

Ex Museum Moro Kris original untouched www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A nice old original and untouched Moro Kris.
Overall in the scabbard this sword measures 70cms, out it is 65cms with a 50cms blade from hilt to tip.
The Burl wood hilt remains in undamaged condition and has the cockatoo style pommel. Original cord wrap remians in perfect untouched condition and is finished with a decorative silver ferrule.
The blade at the guard shows a museum accession number E21227.
The blade is also in original untouched condition and shows wonderful laminations through out the guard and blade. The blade in particular has a stunning open laminated core that follows the siku'-siku', the edges are razor sharp and shows much finer closed pattern laminations.
Although of the same age as the sword, the old rattan bound scabbard is not the original scabbard to this piece as can be seen in the photos but is a very good match for it.
A very nice piece that would clean and etch very well should the new owner wish to do so.