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A very fine Laos Dha
Rare all silver example
Quality fighting blade

A very fine Laos Dha Rare all silver example Dah Daab Darb Thai Siam Siamese Burmese Quality fighting blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine example of a very rare sword in full silver fittings.

This Dah measures 69cms long in its scabbard.
Out is measures just over 67cms long with a blade length od 45.5cms long.The hilt is dressed in silver as is the scabbard, an indicator of status and wealth. The hilt is embellished with silver wire decorations of various patterns, being beading, plaiting and twisted wire wrapping.
The scabbard is embellished in the same manner but also displays panels to its sides.
The blade is a high quality fighting type that would hone to a razors edge if desired and it still remains quite sharp. The base of the blade is 10mm thick through the spine and tapers acutely for the first 16cms and continues then with a gradual taper through to the up swept tip and needle point.
The faces of the blade has three thin incisions running throughout just below the spine with small stamps at either end. The left face shows a makers stamp in the forte, the spine is inlayed with 2 brass panels with incised lines either side.

A rarely seen sword with a quality blade in excellent condition considering its age.