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A good Thai sword
Military fighting darb

A good Thai sword Military fighting darb dha dah daab www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good complete example of an early Rattanakosin era Thai sword.

This example measures 85cms long in its scabbard and 83cms long out.
Its blade is 49.5cms long and 10mm thick that its base with a deep taper towards the tip. The blades edge is extremely sharp and remains in good condition. The blades pine and faces are un-cleaned and do show some light localised pitting. A blade that would grade up very well with a polich and one that appears to display a very rare hairpin type pattern to its surfaces.
The scabbard retains its original cloth baldric but shows a replacement section to the end of the scabbard, an easy restore if desired.
The entire hilt and scabbard are dressed in silver.

A good, complete and well priced fighting sword from Thailand.