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A good large hilted
Moroccan Saif, sabre
Rhino hilt
Enameled guard

A good large hilted Moroccan Saif sabre Rhino hilt Enameled guard www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good large Moroccan Saif with a desirable Rhino horn grip.

This large fighting sword measures 97cms long and carries an 81cm long blade.
The grip is very broad for the type, of a nice comfortable form and a well selected section of horn.
The guard is of an interesting chiseled type with the surfaces filled with the remains of enamels, being an aspect typical of the regions. The collar appears to be a replacement.
The blade has a thick spine but narrow profile and a clipped tip. The block forte retains an interesting and likely local marking.

A good large example of the type that was a higher end sword in its day.