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A good rare Tibetan sword
Inlayed iron scabbard & hilt

A good rare Tibetan sword Inlayed iron scabbard & hilt Bhutan Bhutanese Tibet www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good early Tibetan sword with inlayed steel fittings.

This Tibetan sword measures 64.5cms long in its scabbard and 60.5cms long out. The blade length is 50cms long.
The hilt comprises of iron fittings with a Samrit type gold brass alloy secured within the face and top sections of the fittings. The pommel fitting retains a red piece of coral in a silver cup. The guard is faceted iron and of a cup type.
The blade is of native construction with feint hair pins laminations present and clear ones seen within the forging flaws, an aspect common in provincial Tibetan weapons as they typically only ever had animal dung with which to feed a forge, the only materials present on the Tibetan plateau that could generate enough heat to work with.
The blade is of typical form, distal taper and a hatchet tip.
The scabbard is iron bound timber and in the same manner as the hilt the iron is inlayed with a Samrit gold and bronze alloy. The timber inner is dressed in thick blue fabric and finished with a silver fittings, now damaged through age and use.

An important Tibetan short sword from the 18th century or earlier with inlayed Samrit panels rarely seen and an indicator or wealth.