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Shuang Dao
Boxer rebellion period
Rare Chinese swords

Shuang Dao Boxer rebellion period Rare Chinese swords www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A rare set of Shuang Dao, circa 1900.

This matched pair of swords are 94cms long in their scabbard.
Out the sabres are 88cms long with a blade length of 74cms.
The hilts are bound with cloth wrapping and brass fittings. The cup guards are steel.
The scabbard is timber, bound in wire and lacquered black. The scabbard ends and suspension fittings are brass.
The blades taper through to the tip and cutting edge, are triple fullered to both sides and retain most of their original polish.
Various European museums carry such swords in their collections with a history from the boxer rebellion period, whilst a know catalogue from the mid 1930s shows worn examples of these swords as being from antiquity.

A get set of rare Chinese swords.