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South Sumatran Rawet
Very fine example
Carved hilt and scabbard
Horn collar

Sumatran Rawet Sumba Kabeala Very fine example Carved hilt and scabbard Horn collar www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine and rarely seen large knife from Southern Sumatra.

This example measures 42cms long in its sheath. Out is measures 39.5cms long and carries a heavy blade that is 28cms long and just under 4cms wide across the belly.
The hilt and pommel are expertly carved timber and display a very fine warm old patina. The base of the hilt is wrapped in a thin black horn collar.
The blade has a makers stamp to the laft face and a very unusual Kukri like cut out below this mark.
The blade is a slightly forward curving type with the straight back edge. It broadens through the belly and its back edge is sharpened.
The sheath is also carved in the same manner as the hilt and lightly carved to the base. It is bound by three straps of dark plaited rattan. The rear has a raised carved section with two holes that retains two pieces of very old twine, likely used for suspension.

A very rare knife or machete/chopper from the Jambi, Riau or Palembang.