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Silver Badek,
very nice Pamor blade,
fine horn hilt

Silver Badek, very nice Pamor blade, fine horn hilt www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very nice all silver Badek from the 19th century.
47cms in the scabbard, 45cms out with a 30cm blade that sits within the silver cup guard.
The silver collar and cup guard shares the same designs as the scabbard tip and the cup guard fits perfectly to the fitted scabbard.
Small amount of play in the guard due to losses of the resin within. There are a couple of small splits and losses to the silverwork as is expected with age.
The blade shows a very fine high contrast pamor, it is slightly downward curving with a double edged to the last 11cms.
When compared to a Pedang lurus it shares all the style and similarities and thus it would not be without reason that this piece could have been worn ensuite with a matching Pedang Lurus.
A very comfortable and well crafted piece.