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Ceylonese sword
An exceptional example
Very rare detail
Very rare features
Sri Lanka sword
18th century

Kastane Ceylonese sword An exceptional example Very rare detail Very rare features Sri Lanka sword Pia Kaetta 18th century www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine 18th century Ceylonese Kastane or Kasthane with exceptional detail.

This Kastane measures 54cms long, carries a 40cm long blade and is without its scabbard.
The hilt is one of the more desirable and high quality types comprising of various bronzes an silver applied to a very detailed carved timber.
The large curved pommel is a carved roaring Singhalese lion adorned with exceptional bronze fittings that have been applied to form his crown, ear, nose and wide open roaring mouth complete with teeth and tongue. The level of detail is exceptional and no aspect is left untouched by the artisans hand as even the inside of his mouth is so very finely carved with detail rarely seen.
The Lion's flowing mane is covered with finely chased silver sheet with much of the delicate sheet now lost to reveal with carved timbers beneath.
To the end of the knuckle bow is the head of the Serapendiya cast in exceptional detail. From its mouth, foliage flows to surround one side of a very interesting silver medallion at the centre of the knuckle bow. From the start of the knuckle bow is an interesting creature with a broad top jaw and a very long bottom jaw, also spews forth finely details foliage to support the other side of the medallion.
A third and different head type sits atop of the quillion opposite the knuckle bow while two Makara headed quillions curve forward to the base of the blade.
The base of the blade is a long block forte encased in a very finely details engraved bronze casing with the faces showing flowing vine like motifs and a central flower.
The blades cutting edge continues through a deep upward curve to a strong full point.

An exceptional example of the type with extremely finely detailed design elements with a rarer knuckle guard with a central medallion.