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Sumatran sword
A very rare type
Minangkabau regions

Sumatran sword A very rare type Payakumbah Minang regions www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very rare Payakumbah from Minangkabau.

This thick, heavy Kilij style chopper measures 53cms long and has a blade length of 40.5cms long including the faceted bolster.
It is without a scabbard.
The dark carved and polished hilt is made from horn. The elongated pommel is carved in floral relief whilst the remainder of the hilt is plain in the faceted aspects.
The base of the blade is a very thick bolster just under 2cms across. The profile is that of an Ottoman Kilij or Kilic but with a re-curved upswept tip.
There are two deep fullers to each face, one just below the spine that opens on to the back edge and a broader central fuller.
The cutting edge shows wear as does the spine and back edge, with the back edge showing small somewhat serrated cut outs.
The blade faces show a simple pattern welded surface.

A very rare chopper from the Minang regions of Sumatra.