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A very rare Keris
Sumatran Keris Panjang
Masterpiece blade

A very rare Keris Sumatran Keris Panjang Masterpiece blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very rare Keris with an exceptional masterpiece blade.

This Keris Panjang measures 71cms long in its sheath and 69cms out.
Its blade length is 57.5cms.
The very fine and rare carved hilt type shows minor losses and sits within a bronze hilt cup.
The razor sharp blade is a rare and incredible example, forged by a true master craftsman. The form at the base is typical for the type but where the blade greatly differs is that it is 1mm thick throughout most of its length.
The blade only starts to thicken where the circle stamps or inlay are located, approx 10cms from the base. Forged within this rare blade thickness is a pair of fullers running perfectly through to the tip.
This blade bends to 90 degrees and springs back perfectly without distortion, a known aspect of some very rare panjang but seldom seen.
The plugs or stamps within the blade carry a design or signature that I am unable to read and the faces of the blade also carry characters, possibly made to resemble European markings or talismanic in their own right? Whatever they are meant to be, they are for an important ruler.
The scabbard shows minor age wear and losses but retains its integrity. It is carved from well selected timbers and bound in decorated white metal fittings.

A very rare Keris Panjang with a much rarer blade that is likely 18th century.