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Antique Dha, Burma, with old rope suspension

Antique Dha, Burma, with old rope suspension www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


Antique sword, Burmese Dha.
In the scabbard, this dha is 92cms long, out it is 85cms with a 53cms blade.
The deep bellied blade is in outstanding original condition free from damage. Nice distal taper to the spine that is also flat until until about 25cms from the tip where a raised ridge rises towards the sharp upswept tip. From forte to tip this blade is razor sharp and exhibits subtle laminations to the cutting edge.
Overall the silver work is bumped and creased in places with a couple of splits where the susension rope attaches. The silver filigree work is fully in tact bar one small piece on a lower fitting. The hilt has its complete original wire mesh grip fully intact, the large lotus bud pommel also has slight damage as seen in the images.
Overall a great example in good condition for its age with a nice old original suspension rope.