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A rare Yemen Jambiya
Rhino and silver hilt
Jehaz, Western Yemen

A rare Yemen Jambiya Rhino and silver hilt Jehaz Western Yemen Mecca Jambia Saudi UAE Jambia Khanjar www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine and rare Western Yemen Jambiya.

This Rhino hilted Jambiya measures 38cms long in its sheath.
Out it is 33cms long and has a blade length of 21.5cms long.
The hilt is silver over Rhino horn with a stone set to the top of the pommel.
The blade is of typical form with a raised medial ridge to both sides but is of a strong but thin cross section with razor sharp edges. The blade's surfaces are stained from age and use but would grade up with ease and may reveal an unusual pattern steeled blade as the construction is better than normal.
The sheath is leather over timber with raised embossed elements and a pierced and engraved sheath end in silver.

A rare Jambiya.