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Thai Lao Dhaab
A very fine sword
Silver fittings
Complete with baldric

Antique Thai Lao Loation Dhaab A very fine example Silver fittings Complete with baldric Siam Laos Siamese sword Khmer Cambodia Thailande www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine and complete example of the Dha/Dhaab from the Northern Thai & Laos border regions.

This sword measures just under 76cms long in its scabbard. Out is is just over 73cms long and carries a 49.5cms long blade that is approx 4cms wide across the belly.
The hilt is silver and rattan over what is likely a Bamboo core. All silver and binding is present with only minor age wear present. The fore grip is octagonal in shape and the pommel end is decorated in a native Laotian motif.
The blade is 9mm thick and very well shaped with a deep belly and a full needle tip. It is sealed in to the hilt well and capped with an octagonal copper spacer.
The scabbard is silver over timber which is free from loss and damage and it retains its original large thick suspension baldric.

A very fine example and very capable fighting sword.