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Rare Malay Keris
3 luk Patrem
Silver and Suasa pendokok

Rare Malay Keris Sumatra Bugis 3 luk Patrem Silver and Gold pendokok www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine small Malay Keris with Silver and Suassa pendokok.

This example measures 33cms long in its sheath, 29cms out and has a blade length of 22cms long.
The Jawa Demam hilt is in very fine condition and is carved from finely grained timbers as are the scabbard pieces.
The hilt sits within a simple yet unusual and attractive cup made from silver and Suassa.
The blade is of a 3 luk form and simply forged revealing longitudinal lines running from end to end.
The sheath is fine condition but as is common the butnut is missing from the base.

A fine unusual Keris.