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Vietnamese Kiem
Mother of pearl
Inlaid scabbard

Antique Thai Lao Loation Dhaab A very fine example Silver fittings Complete with baldric Siam Laos Siamese sword Khmer Cambodia Thailande www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very good and Vietnamese Kiem with inlaid scabbard.

This epee measures 93.5cms long in its scabbard and 85cms long out.
The hilt and scabbard fittings are a repousse bronze alloy, likley smelted with precious metals, an alloy that will shine like gold if polished. The large fluted grip appears to be bone which is done in the manner of many French Empire swords and dagger.
The blade is of a thick diamond cross section with a narrow central groove running along the medial ridges. Its tonkou and seppa like spacer is present.
The scabbard is quality Rosewood with very fine and detailed Mother of Pearl inlay. The scabbard has a very minor loss and crack to its base.

A very good example of an increasingly harder to find sword from Vietnam.