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Shan Dah
Silver dress

Shan Dah Burma Silver dress www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good old Shan Dha.

This sword measures 81cms long in its scabbard and 72cms long out. The blade is 48.5cms long and 1cm thick at the base of the spine.
The hilt is covered in very finely detailed silver sheeting, silver mess and silver wire embellishments. The pommel is capped in silver and most likely once had a large lotus bud pommel but is now flat. A modification that shows to be an old period repair or replacement.
The scabbard is silver over a timber inner and shows minor silver losses to the edges of the decorative wire worked areas.
The blade is thick at its base and tapers acutely through to the tip. The blade shows a hardened edge, an upswept profile and a broad belly.
The edges of this sword remain razor sharp.

A good example of the type.