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Chinese sword, Jian
Complete 19th century example

Chinese sword Jian Complete 19th century example www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good complete Chinese Jian, circa 1900 or earlier.

This Chinese epee or Jian measures 95cms long in its scabbard, 92cms long out and carries a 71cm long blade.
The hilt is bound in traditional woven cloth cord in a fashion not typically seen. It likely has mulberry paper beneath the wrappings. The hilt fittings are bronze with the pommel of a tapered lobed form and the guard in a bat profile or as is sometimes referred to by collectors, the ace of spades. The guard is slightly loose as is common for the age and type.
The blade is a good long type with seven star inlay. It remains in good condition for its age and is free from any rust or wear issues, just some darkening in places from age use and storage.
The scabbard is timber bound in wire, lacquered and dressed in simple brass fittings.

A good example of the classic Chinese Jian.