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Wootz Sosun Patta
A very fine Indian sword
Wootz blade, Gold hilt
Very rare and complete
With Silver fittings

Wootz Sosun Patta A very fine Indian sword Wootz blade Gold hilt Silver fittings Very rare and complete Sosun Patta Sosun Pattah Sousson Pata Shamshir wootz Tulwar Mughal sword Indian sword sabre saber www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine, complete and rare gold hilted Sosun Patta.

This rare fighting sword measures 89cms long in its scabbard.
Out it is 85cms long with a blade length of 73.5cms long.
The gold embellished hilt is in very good condition with approx 80% of the applied gold retained. Every single gold leaf or petal is delicately engraved to display a depth and detail rarely soon.
The pommel retains its original gold embellished articulated lanyard ring, a feature so very often lost on Indian swords.
The blade is as noted 73.5cms long and 1cms thick across the strong "T" spine that runs through to the tip of the blade.
The faces of the blade show a very finely crafted Wootz steel blade with a broad belly just under 4cms across.
The scabbard, such a rare aspect, is complete, original and fitted with high quality silver fittings.
The scabbard is timber covered in a deep royal blue coloured crushed velvet, now age worn. The seam lines of the velvet is finished with a gold bullion thread strip and capped in very fine pierced silver fittings of a substantial thickness.
The the inside of the pommel and spine of the lower scabbard fitting is an applied red script, typical of museums and better collections. It reads "30.17 AA".

A very fine and rare example of a high quality Wootz bladed Sosun Patta, most likely 18th century.