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A rare early Kukri
Massive Broad belly
Ex RA collection

A rare early Kukri Massive Broad belly Ex RA collection www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very old and heavy fighting Kukri.

This Kukri has seen several collections over the last decade. Each time it appears on the market it is snapped up rather quickly due to the, age, size and similarities to the type reputed to have been owned by the 18th century General (Sadar) Ram Krishna Kunwor seen in the Nepalese military museum.

In its sheath, this Kukri measures 56.5cms long. Out it is 56cms long with a 45cms long blade that is 9cms across the belly.
The hilt is of timber and despite age wear, minor losses and a stable crack, it remains in great condition for its age which is likely late 18th century.
The massive blade is in excellent condition throughout with the upper half showing forging laminations similar to those hairpin types seen in Tibetan arms and armour.
The edge is full and it is a very deeply curved and impressive blade.
The sheath appears very old and with a number of running field repairs being present, it may be the original sheath.
It comes with thee companion knives with two of the three appearing to be of the correct age and style, one having the rare deer ant;er hilt.

A very fine, large and arare fighting Kukri of massive proportions.