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Oman Khanjar
Omani Jambiya
Very fine silver dress

Oman Khanjar Omani Jambiya Very fine silver dress www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine Rhino hilted Omani Khanjar with very fine silverwork.

This desirable 7 ring Khanjar or Jambiya measures 34cms tall in its sheath.
Out of its sheath is is just over 30cms tall with an 18cm blade.
The hilt is very fine dark Rhino horn embellished with very fine Omani silverwork that requires minor attention with several pins to the rear and one decorative pin to the side.
The blade is a good old example, although un-cleaned.
The sheaths also decorated with very fine silverwork and a worn silver bullion thread no displaying its red inner core.
The scabbard retains its original chain link suspension at the sheaths tip and also the heavy double link and buckle segment from its belt.
The wrapped belt attached to the sheaths waist is complete but at fault on one side with now only light stitching holding it in place.

A very fine and rare example of a seven ring, Rhino hilted Saudi Khanjar.