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Antique Sword, Jian, China, early 20th century

Antique Sword, Jian, China, early 20th century www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A nice example of a hard to find full length Chinese straight sword.
At just over 97cms in the scabbard and 94cms out, this near complete Jian only misses the drag from the bottom of the scabbard and a single oval fitting from the lower portion of the scabbard.
The scabbrd is wire bound timber with a black lacquer covering.
There is evidence of the timber hilt and rayskin grip being restored at some point in its working life, only in so far thas the proportions of the timber as it approaches the pommel cap it some what wider. This too may have been of preference to the martial practitioner.
In good order and well looked after by the previous custodian, the brass fittings are in polish.
The full tipped blade has the seven star inlay to the central part of the blade and only shows very minor age marks.
A very hard to find Chinese martial weapon from the early 20th century.