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A very rare sword
Nias Island

A very rare sword Nias Island Balato www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very rare Nias Island sword, Balato.

This rarely seen sword type is 61cms long in its sheath. Out it is 58cms long with a blade length of 48cms.
The hilt is a solid bronze type with a mythical beast like head for a pommel, possibly a Makara.
The blade has an unsharpened forte for approx 8cms with the cutting edge then continuing through to the upswept tip. Its waist narrows and then broadens through the tip. The is a subtle forward curve to the last 10cms of the blade, a style that resembles an Indian Kirach.
The scabbard is timber. It is bound in rattan and has a carved throat.

A rare type of Balato associated with a young man's coming of age.