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Thai sword
Ayutthaya period
Heavy blade
Thick iron fittings

Thai sword Ayutthaya period heavy blade Thick iron fittings www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good early Thai, Thai Lao daab.

This early example measures 63.5cms long, slightly shorter than what it would have once been. I'd expect it would have once been around 70cms long but the centuries have taken a toll on the pommel that once may have been a similar iron fitting as the fore grip of possibly a simple tapered lotus bud timber pommel being an extension of the hilt. Whatever it may have once been it is now capped in an open bronze fitting.
The thick iron fore grip has a small iron disk guard and a smaller raised edge to the rear of the fitting.
The blade is 43.5cms long and approx 1cm thick at its base. It has a domed medial ridge running from the base through to the tip.
In profile it has a narrow waist and a broad cutting belly. To each side, in the forte, there are old worn incised lines resembling the Thai flame designs often seen on later sword types.

A good and rare old fighting sword from the late Ayuttaya period, Thai or Thai Lao regions.