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Maori Waka huia (treasure container) circa 1900-1920

Maori Waka huia (treasure container) circa 1900-1920 www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


Antique Maori Waka huia.
A very rare Maori Waka huia from the very early 1900's
These rare vessels were used to store personal items of significance and value and therefore were both beautiful to the eye and functional, with design elements based on events or beliefs.
Personal items that were stored in these sacred vessels were often feathers of status, pendants such as Tiki and other important items.
The Waka huia were hung from the rafters of the cheiftan's house to keep his personal items safe, they were also admired by guests as these intricate carvings looked down upon all within the house.
Waka Huia have also been noted as tribal treasures that may have been given as gifts as a sign of intertribal relationships.
A very beautiful and very rare Maori tribal artifact of great importance, not often seen in the market place.