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Chinese sword catcher
17th century

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From my personal collection

Chinese sword catcher, 17th century.
A very unusual item from the diverse Chinese weapons arsenal.
This rare fighting weapon was used for both defence and offence and extremely capable of both.
This sword catcher measures 67cms overall. The pommel is a heavy multi faceted type. The grip is cloth bound and angled in such a way that the that the lower branch natually faces outwards for catching an opponents weapon. The lower branch is of a curved tapering hexagonal section that is wrapped and forged to the centre shaft.
The main centre shaft is is also on a tapering hexagonal section up to the point of the upper branches, from this point to the tip, it is a square tapering section.
The upper outer branches and cross bar are forged as one piece. This piece has an open square central hole that sits over the main shaft and it rests 16cms from the tip. It is here that the cross piece is heat pressed to the main shaft and main shaft is chiseled either side and along with a small iron pin secure it as a strong solid trident style tip.
An extremely rare and early Chinese fighting weapon.