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Persian Shamshir
Pattern blade

Persian Shamshir www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A nice old Persian Shamshir with pattern blade.
A nice complete old Persian Shamshir in Sudanese monitor lizard dress.
Beneath the monitor lizard skin there is a complete and original scabbard with both suspension fittings remaining in tact too. From the places where the scabbard can ve viewed beneath the lizard skin, the outer leather covering to the scabbard aslo appears to be in place.
Gold paint covers the hilt and langet, then it appears black paint or resin then covers the hilt slabs. The gold paint is old as there showing a green patina to one side, consistant with old paint that used to have a high metal content in it. With the sword being in monitor lizard skin and the hilt appearing in gold and that it is a Persian Shamshir, one could say this sword was most likely a status piece of a Sudanese cheiftan or experienced warrior.
No pitting to the blade. The blade is a nice thick sturdy well forged blade that shows clear forging folds along the blade and the cutting edge.
Overall a nice complete hard to find sword at a very good price, in very good condition and with a most unusual history.