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Antique Sword, Very rare Uzbekistan Turkestan Central Asian Shashka

Antique Sword Very rare Uzbekistan Turkestan Central Asian Shashka www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A release from my personal collections.

A Rare and complete Afghanistan Shashka from the Central Asian regions.

Iaroslav Lebedynsky in his work "Les Armes Orientales", page 75 & 76 notes this style of Shashka as Central Asian, being Turkestan Afghanistan Uzbekistan in origins.
The lovely example has been very well cared for, free of notable rust or pitting, just a light spreading of very light rust to some of the outer iron scabbard fittings.
Tip to tip in the scabbard this measures 101cms with the sabre being 95cms long with a 79cm blade from the edge of the iron bolster.
The blade is of a very unusual Damask pattern welded type with clear surface patterns.
The hilt is shaped horn with a very thick tang sandwiched between long iron bolsters.
The scabbard suspension strap has with age become dry and brittle in the middle and is now separated. The workmanship on the leather work covering the scabbard and that of the suspension strap are similar in nature to that found on horse tack and certainly reflects the origins and dependence on the horse for these Central Asian Horsemen.

A very rare and complete Central Asian sword.