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Sikin Panjang,
Nice Damascus blade,
Kelling Hall collection,
board 1, number 4

Sikin Panjang Nice Damascus blade Kelling Hall collection board 1, number 4 www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very nice Sikin Panjang with a Damascus blade, Kelling Hall collection.

A lovely example of a Sikin Panjang with a well carved translucent horn hilt of hulu tumpang beunteueng style, a nine sepal stem rimg, a very nice Damascus blade, a scabbard with an unusual angled throat and a fine and detailed incised and inked design to the front and rear of the scabbard.
Overall in the scabbard it measures just under 75cms, out it is just over 73cms with a blade just under 56cms from the front of the stem ring. The spine width to the front of the stem ring is 9mm.
As noted above, the scabbard exhibits an unusual angle to the scabbard throat and is well carved to this area.
Overall a very nice fighting sword and despite the small losses to the scabbard thoat it does remain an important and attractive piece.

All weapons sold from these boards will come with a photograph of the sitting room and a photo of the board the item comes from, along with a short history outlining their important historical provenance.
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