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Pedang, Aceh Peudeueng
basket hilt Sumatran sword,
Kelling Hall collection,
Board 1 number 5

Pedang Aceh Peudeueng basket hilt Sumatran sword Kelling Hall collection Board 1 number 5 www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


Aceh Peudeueng, Kelling Hall collection.

A very nice untouched Aceh Peudeueng that measures 93cms long with a 77cms blade.
The hilt is of the type typically seen on these sabres. It is decorated to most of the external surfaces and the eight pointed star is present to the pommel.
The blade has a broad fuller running most of the length of the blade and a narrow fuller is below the spine that stops at about 22cms from the tip. At this point the sharpened back edge continues. There is another short fuller seen in the forte to both sides.
A nice example in original untouched condition from a notable and long standing collection.