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Sikin Panjang, Kelling Hall collection, board 1, number 9

Sikin Panjang Kelling Hall collection board 1 number 9 www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


Sikin Panjang, Northern Sumatra, Kelling Hall collection.

This Sikin Panjang measures 75cms from tip to tip.
The blade and bolster measure just over 60cms long with a well carved horn hilt almost completely covered with rows of short incised lines measures just over 14cms long. Point to point across the pommel is 7cms. The hilt has age cracks as seen in the images due to shrinkage of the horn over time. The blade remains solid within the hilt with no play at all.
The blade still retains a razor sharp edge, has numerous small patches of very light peppering and exhibits a strong hollow ground blade with a long fuller near the spine. Clear pattern welding markings can be seen to the entire blade.

All weapons sold from these boards will come with a photograph of the sitting room and a photo of the board the item comes from, along with a short history outlining their important historical provenance.