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Northern Sumatra,
Kelling Hall collection,
board 2, number 11

Rencong Northern Sumatra Kelling Hall collection board 2, number 11 www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


Rencong and scabbard, nice blade variant, Northern Sumatra, Kelling Hall collection

Measuring just over 39cms in the scabbard, just under 31cms out with a blade length excluding the bolster/stem ring of 19cms.
The blade is slender with a downward curve with a very slight belly to the cutting edge, it is 10mm thick in front of the stem ring and is 15.5mm at the hilt.
The Hulu meucangge hilt has been broken and filed or cut during its working life as has the scabbard tip.
The scabbard throat remains full and intact and shows nice carved decorations. The scabbard shows small fine ink decoration to three places on one side only.

All weapons sold from these boards will come with a photograph of the sitting room and a photo of the board the item comes from, along with a short history outlining their important historical provenance.
Reasonable offers considered.