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Ladingin, Batak sword,
Northern Sumatra,
Kelling Hall collection,
board 2 number 19

Ladingin Batak sword Northern Sumatra Kelling Hall collection board 2 number 19 www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very nice and rare Batak sword from Northern Sumatra,
Kelling Hall Collecton.

This rarely found sword is complete with the original scabbard.
Tip to tip is is a little over 63cms in the scabbard and out is it over 58cms.
The very nicely laminated 46cm blade is 11mm thick at the hilt.
The Sukul Ngangan hilt is timber with silver sheet wrapping enhanced with silver wire to one end. Small losses of silver and one protrusion of the hilt end is lost. Showing an all over even Patina, this can be seen too be a very old break long before is was collected in the late 1800s..
Please refer to Zonneveld's Traditional weapons of the Indonesian Archipelago for a line drawing example, page 80, figure 303.
A very rare Batak sword with fantastic provenance.

All weapons sold from these boards will come with a photograph of the sitting room and a photo of the board the item comes from, along with a short history outlining their important historical provenance.