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Sikin Pasangan, Northern Sumatra,
Kelling Hall collection,
board 3 number 24

Sikin Pasangan Northern Sumatra Kelling Hall collection board 3 number 24 www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A lovely Sikin Pasangan. A good sturdy blade, with scabbard, Kelling Hall collection.

This example measures 83cms in the scabbard, 78.5cms out with a blade length of 63cms.
The hilt is a very finely carved Hulu peusangan hilt measures 8.5cms across. The collar appears to be brass but as it has not tarnished it could be Suassa. The stem ring shows nine petals.
The blade is of very nice form with a large central fuller stops approx 8cms short from the tip and a secondry fuller runs along the spine that stops approx 21cms from the spine. The cutting edge is a sweeping bevelled edge through to the tip and the top back edge is of similar bevelling.
A very nice and fine Aceh sword. Scabbard throat is missing, though scabbards are seldon seen with these swords